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Durability Features Edit

  • Designed using MIL-STD-810F test procedures
  • Full Magnesium Alloy case with carry handle
  • Moisture- and Dust-resistant LCD, keyboard and touchpad
  • Sealed port and connector covers
  • Shock-mounted, removable HDD in stainless steel case
  • Vibration and drop-shock resistant design
  • Rugged hinges

CPU Edit

  • Low Voltage Mobile Intel® Pentium® III Processor-M 1GHz or 800MHz featuring Enhanced Intel® SpeedStepTM technology
  • 512KB on-die L2 cache

Storage & Memory Edit

  • 256MB SDRAM standard, expandable to 512MB (PC133 memory is required)
  • 30GB HDD
  • 1.44MB FDD [also accepts Combo Drive (DVD-ROM*/CD-RW**)]

Display Edit

  • 13.3" 1024 x 768 (XGA) transmissive, anti-reflective, outdoor-readable TFT Active Matrix Color LCD with or without Touchscreen or 12.1" 800 x 600 (SVGA) transflective, sunlight-readable TFT Active Matrix Color LCD with Touchscreen
  • External video support up to 1024 x 768 at 16 million colors (24 bit color depth)
  • Intel 830MG graphic controller, UMA (Unified Memory Access) up to 32MB

Audio Edit

  • SigmaTelTM 9757 audio controller
  • Integrated speaker
  • Convenient keyboard volume controls (Fn+F5/F6 keys)

PC Card Slots Edit

  • Type II x 2 or Type III x 1

Multimedia Pocket Edit

  • Holds 3.5" FDD (standard)
  • Accepts optional Combo Drive (DVD-ROM*/CD-RW**) (CF-VDR282U)
  • Combo Drive and FDD can be used simultaneously (w/FDD cable CF-VCF271)
  • Accepts optional 2nd battery pack (CF-VZSU1428)
  • Accepts Telephone Line Tester Modules

Keyboard & Input Edit

  • 87-key with dedicated Windows® key
  • Enhanced pressure sensitive touchpad
  • Touchscreen LCD

Interface Edit

  • Infrared: 4Mbps IrDA
  • Serial: D-sub 9 pin
  • Parallel: D-sub 25 pin
  • External Keyboard/Mouse: Mini-DIN 6 pin
  • USB: 4 pin
  • Port Replicator: 80 pin (Reinforced)
  • Headphones/Speaker: Mini-jack Stereo
  • Microphone/Line In: Mini-jack
  • Modem: Integrated 56Kbps
  • External Video: MiniD-sub 15 pin

Power Supply Edit

  • Lithium Ion battery pack (11.1V, 5.4Ah)
  • Battery operation: up to 4 hours (with first battery),

up to 10 hours (with second battery)***

  • Battery charging time: approximately 3 hours/OFF, 5.5 hours/ON***
  • AC Adapter: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz, Auto Sensing/Switching worldwide

power supply

  • Quick access battery/HDD cover for easy battery replacement
  • Pop-up on-screen battery status reporting

Power Management Edit

• Suspend/Resume Function, Hibernation, ACPI BIOS

Software Edit

Operating System Edit

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98 Second Edition (FAT32 File System)
  • Microsoft® Windows NT 4.0

Programs Edit

  • Setup, Diagnostics, DMI Viewer, On-line Reference Manual, Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, Panasonic® Battery Monitor

Security Features Edit

  • Password Security: Supervisor, User

Warranty Edit

  • 3 year limited warranty, parts & labor

Dimensions & Weight Edit

  • 2.3"(H) x 9.5"(D) x 11.8"(W)
  • 9 lbs., including battery, FDD and handle

Integrated Options Edit

  • Wired LAN (10/100 ethernet)
  • 802.11b Wireless LAN

– Cisco Aironet

  • Wide Area Wireless Solutions


– Mobitex (CingularSM Wireless) (availability may vary)

– GSM/GPRS with external SIM slot (availability may vary)

– 1xRTT/CDMA 2000 (availability may vary)

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver
  • Full Travel EL Backlit Keyboard
  • Sealed Rubber LED Backlit Keyboard

Accessories Edit

  • Combo Drive (DVD-ROM*/CD-RW**) CF-VDR282U
  • Telephone Line Tester Modules
  • Desktop Port Replicator CF-VEB272AW
  • Vehicle Mount Port Replicator CF-WEB273
  • Vehicle Mount Port Replicator with Integrated High-gain Antenna Pass-thru Cable CF-WEB273CBL
  • External FDD Cable CF-VCF271
  • Battery Charger CF-VCBTB1U
  • Lithium Ion Battery Pack CF-VZSU18AU
  • 2nd Battery Pack CF-VZSU1428W
  • AC Adapter (3 pin) CF-AA1653M
  • Memory Cards

– 128MB CF-WMBA91128

– 256MB CF-WMBA91256

  • 13.3" LCD Protector CF-VPF03U
  • 12.1" LCD Protector CF-VPF02U
  • ToughMate Sling Carrying Case CF-TM28
  • ComFolio Universal Carrying Case CF-COMUNIV
  • Stylus Pen with Tether Hold CF-VNP004U

Other Infomation Edit

■ Full Magnesium Alloy Case with Carry Handle

■ Moisture- and Dust-resistant Design

■ Shock-mounted, Removable HDD

■ Wireless-ready Design

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