Standard features and specifications Edit

CPU Edit

  • Intel Pentium® 133MHz processor (256KB L2 cache, 16KB internal cache)

Storage and Memory Edit

  • L2 cache + high speed EDO RAM main memory
  • 1.35GB or 810MB HDD
  • 16MB RAM on-board, expandable to 80MB

Display Edit

  • 12.1" Active Matrix Color LCD
  • 1024 x 768 XGA or 800 x 600 SVGA resolution
  • DayBrite™ non-glare, high-contrast LCD for optimum viewing indoors and out

Audio Edit

  • 16-bit Sound Blaster Pro-compatible sound
  • MIDI and .wav support
  • Built-in stereo speakers and microphone
  • Jacks for headphone/external speakers, microphone/line in

PC Cards Edit

  • 32-bit PCI Bus
  • ZV (Zoomed Video) port
  • Takes two type II or one type III PC card
  • ZV (Zoomed Video) port supports direct video stream to graphics controller
  • New 68 pin assignment, fully compatible with PCMCIA standard, supports 3.3V and 5V cards
  • Suitable for video, serial SCSI, ISDN and MPEG video cards

Keyboard and Input Edit

  • Convenient keyboard brightness control (Fn + U/D arrow keys)

Interface Edit

  • IrDA (Infrared communications) on back panel
  • Serial (UART 16550 compatible): Dsub 9pin
  • Parallel (bi-directional/ECP): Dsub 25-pin
  • External monitor: Dsub 15-pin
  • External Keyboard/PS/2 mouse: mini-din 6-pin
  • Bus Expansion: dedicated 240-pin
  • Line in: mini jack
  • Speaker out: mini jack (stereo)

Power Supply Edit

  • High performance Lithium Ion battery
  • 6200mAh (min.) / 7000mAh (typical)
  • Intelligent Power Management for precise battery status reporting
  • Battery charging time: approximately 3 hours
  • AC adaptor 110V-240V 50/60Hz
  • Auto-sensing for worldwide power supply

Power Management Edit

  • Suspend/Resume Hibernation, Standby, APM BIOS, battery status

Software Edit

Operating System Edit

  • Micrcosoft Windows® 95

Programs Edit

  • Power management utilities
  • Panasonic sound recorder
  • TranXit™ V3.0 Print Pro IrDA port software control
  • Seagate Backup
  • Cardworks™ PC Card software
  • CF-62 online manual on CD-ROM
  • System Utilities provided on CD-ROM for backup

Security Features Edit

  • PD cartridge is easily removable
  • Password Security: Supervisor, User, “Coffee Break”
  • Integrated Kensington Lock slotHDD removable for security and mobility

Warranty Edit

  • Three year limited factory warranty, parts and labor

Dimensions and Weight Edit

  • 2.4"(H) x 11.7"(W) x 9.4"(D)
  • 9.5lbs

Source Edit

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